These video files illustrate how Vimeo can be used for streaming high quality video content (high definition and standard definition) from embedded files on a web page. To play a video press the play icon on the control bar. This will initiate the download of the video and once sufficient content is locally available, the video will begin playing in the window I created.  Note that the title and control bar disappear. Next, pass your mouse over the video (the control bar will reappear) and select the four arrows pointing outward at the far right end to go to full screen mode.  Once in full screen mode you can scale the video (enlarge the video to full screen) by a button in the upper right hand corner (place "scale on" or "scale off").  Press "esc" to return to the original web page or the same button that initiated the full screen mode.

This is a high definition video describing the essential laboratory waste handling practices. (2009)

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A link to a quiz could also be provided.

This is a standard definition video provides an overview of the health and safety hazards associated with art programs in educational institutions. (2003)

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IUOE - LEL-Flashback Demo SD from Tom Ouimet on Vimeo.